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Transport & Delivery

We deliver product to all areas of the NSW Southern Tablelands, Southern Highlands, South-West slopes and South Coast. While our drivers have extensive local knowledge of the area it is very important that detailed and accurate directions are provided to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of your bulk product.


A good dump site for your bulk product is extremely important but is often overlooked. Although many paddocks and properties have established dump sites, this is not always the case.  When you order bulk fertiliser or soil ameliorants you should also consider the location of your dumpsite. Fertspread, on request, will do a paddock inspection to decide on the best location.


An ideal dump site is on dry, level, bare ground, free of debris. This is not always possible but long grass should be avoided and debris such as rocks, wood or metal objects are definitely out. A level site is an important safety aspect because semi-trailers unloading on uneven or sloping ground are at risk of tipping over. You should also take into consideration access for a semi-trailer and space around the dump site for a front end loader to operate.


A little time and thought invested in a suitable dump site will ensure that product can be easily loaded into the spreading equipment. It also minimizes the chances of contamination with grass, cow manure and other foreign materials. This will save you money by minimizing any wastage and ensuring that spread pattern accuracy is not be affected.It will also be appreciated by your spreading contractor. Foreign objects loaded into a spreader can cause an enormous amount of costly and time wasting damage to equipment.


Certain bulk products require covering to protect them from the elements while they are stockpiled prior to spreading.


The products which require covering are Superphosphate and other granulated fertilizers. If these products are rained upon, the granules will dissolve and the product becomes impossible to spread. A considerable proportion of the nutrients is also leached from the fertiliser.


If you do not have your own covers Fertspread will supply them for you. Covers are generally made from silage plastic and must be weighted down. Car tires are the only suitable weight as they do not rip the tarp. The more car tires used the better.

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