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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using the spreading services at Fertspread over other spreading contractors with different spreaders?

Fertspread spreaders are all high grade professional machines.  Every time Fertspread purchases a new spreader we look for the very best in 4wd trucks and the latest in spreader technology giving our customers the best spread pattern possible.


How many spreaders do Fertspread operate?

- 7 conventional machines and 1 compost manure spreader.

- 5 Frontend loaders

- 3 Tagalong trailers
-  1 Telehandler


How many staff does Fertspread Have?

- 9 full time

- 5 casual


What limitations do the spreaders have?

Fertspread will do the best possible job for you but when it comes to terrain that is possibly dangerous or damaging to the machinery we give our operators full control in making the decision as to whether the job is safe or not. Our instructions to our operators states that ‘if the job will hurt you or the equipment you are not to take it on’ and for OH&S reasons we need our customers not to try and change their decision.


How do you deliver the fertiliser?

Generally Fertspread delivers bulk fertiliser to the farm where it will soon be attended to by the spreaders.  This means that the product will not be exposed to weather and will not need to be covered, however in the unlikely case that the delivery is not met by the spreaders, the fertiliser will be covered if need be.  For smaller loads we have a side tipper which avoids the need for a tip on the ground delivery.  Up to 20 ton can be handled this way with 2 spreaders.


How does Fertspread look after its machinery in such a harsh environment?

Fertspread has 2 fulltime motor mechanics and a fully equipped modern workshop.


Why would I buy my product off Fertspread?

This is the best way to buy fertiliser.  By having Fertspread handle the purchase, delivery and spreading you are giving us the responsibility for the whole job. We have a greater interest in completing your work because we own the product until the job is completed.


Does Fertspread take OHS seriously?

Fertspread takes a lot of pride in complying with the health and safety of its staff and those around us.  Ongoing OHS meetings, training and inductions are common place. Fertspread expects its customers to help us comply by not making unreasonable requests from our staff.


Are Fertspread trucks accuspread accredited?

Yes all of Fertspread’s spreaders have been spread pattern tested for three different types of products. These machines are all registered with Avcare.


Are Fertspreads operators Fertcare accredited?

Yes all of Fertspreads drivers are fertcare accredited.  They have all completed either Fertcare Level A or B and this means that they operate under a code of practise.


How long does it take for different materials to be spread?

Spreading capacity varies greatly depending on:

- Spreading rate or thickness

- Spreader speed that can be restricted by rough ground

- Distance from loading site to spreading area

- Type and size of loader

- Induction of property to driver and instructions with good maps

- How many spreaders have been allocated to your job


What is the capacity of the spreaders?

This will depend on the moisture content of the soil and how wet it is. It will vary from 1-5tons for a conventional spreader and 18m for our compost spread.


What happens if Fertspread bog on my farm?

If it is not simple and no help is available from the farmer Fertspread has its own recovery procedures that will recover a bogged vehicle from any situation. Fertspread does not pass this cost onto the customer, however all precautions are taken to prevent this happening in the first place.

- Paddock inspection by a Fertspread Scout prior to the job commencing.

- Light loading the spreader if it doubtful.

- Using common-sense and saying no to an obviously wet paddock.


How far do the spreaders throw the fertiliser?

- Super 30-35m

- Lime 12-15m

- Urea 20-25m

- Gypsum 10-15m

- Compost 12m


What type Fertiliser do I need for my farm?

This will vary depending on where you are and what you intend to do. Fertspread will be able to advise you on this, with over 20 years’ experience in helping people improve their soils we know what will work for you. Call Paul or Brett 02 4845 8288.

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