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Lime is the principle soil ameliorant used to correct soil acidity, it is derived from crushed limestone. There are different grades of lime based on fineness and the neutralizing value (NV). The higher the NV the greater is the products ability to correct acidity. We have had many years experience with these products and the following points should be noted: Lime is a difficult product to handle, it has a tendency to be unstable on a dump site and it properties may change during transport.  Weather, in particular humidity, transport distance and road conditions can all affect Limes physical properties on delivery. In most cases, it is not important to cover your lime. The moisture that it absorbs, either by rain or atmosphere, will help in the spreading.Lime works much more quickly if it is incorporated (ploughed in) but can also be used to top-dress existing pastures. Placing lime into the paddock that is going to be spread is generally more efficient for spreading logistics. Because there are so many different types of lime and lime products, choosing the right spreading contractor will mean the difference between being able to use some of these products. It is important to choose an AFSA accredited spreader operator to maximise the level of accuracy of your spreading.


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