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In our experience, after handling and spreading superphosphate products for many years, we find that it is important to note the following:When ordering your super, the price can and will fluctuate through the year with supply and demand.Throughout the year, as fertiliser demand increases, it has been noted that the quality of the fertiliser becomes inconsistent. This has a detrimental effect on the ability of the product to be spread accurately, i.e. small granules, large granules, inconsistent levels of dust, green super and many other factors.As demand increases, naturally the availability of freight and spreading contractors decreases. Therefore, consideration to spreading early and outside of peak demand is a good idea.When having your superphosphate delivered, it is important to have a good clean dump site.When your spreading contractor appears on your property, he will need maps and written instructions of what is expected of him.It is important to choose an AFSA accredited spreader operator to maximise the level of accuracy of your spreading.Although we deal mostly with Single Super and Super Mo 0.025, we can also spread and supply most fertilisers. Following are the analysis of several fertiliser products including superphosphate. We can supply, deliver and spread these products or work in with your supplier to either deliver and/or spread.  Our own agronomist can also give advice on the products most suited to your situation.

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